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Class '59' Gallery and Information

Class '59' Factfile

Height: 3.91 metres
Length: 21.40 metres
Width: 2.65 metres
Weight: 121 tonnes
Wheelbase: 17.29 metres
Wheel diameter: 1.067 metres
Engine: General Motors 16-645E3C
Power Output (900 RPM): 3,300
HP Power at Rail: 2,533
HP Brake Force: 69 tonnes
Maximum Tractive Effort: 113,550 lbs
Continuous Tractive Effort (14.3 MPH): 65,300 lbs
Maximum Speed: 60 MPH
Fuel Capacity: 990 Gallons
Fuel Efficiency: 1 MPG Batteries: 59/0 & 59/1: Lead Acid 59/2: NiCad
Route Availability: 7

59205+66571 on the 6C76 1439 Acton yard to Whatley at Wolfall junction on the 24th March 2020

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